YAS is the world's first manufacturer of large-scale OLED production facilities, and it has unique performance of OLED systems.

YAS Evaporation Source(LNS & PNS & CNS)


구분 방식 Substrate size 용도 용량(cc)
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10.5
PNS Rotational Research/mass production 10, 40, 150, 400, 800
CNS/SCNS Static Research/mass production 40, 150, 400
CLNS Scanning Research/mass production 1,000
LNS Scanning Research/mass production 1,000

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  • High material using efficiency
  • By applying special linear nozzle, it can make the best thin film uniformity
  • It can improve doping homogeneity and also, it has small mask shadow phenomenon
  • Advantage of the heat transfer to substrate with high TS and Simultaneously hold high material using efficiency
  • Proper maintenance of the heat distribution of the evaporation source to prevent clogging of the jet portion
  • It can be applied to an equipment that forms a film while moving a substrate or an evaporation source
  • Provide organic and inorganic evaporation sources


LT Source It is a source for low capacity and small substrate, not for mass production, mainly used for Lab.
HT Source HT Source is used mainly in Inorganic / Metal material
Al Source With sauce specialized in aluminum, It is used in combination with YAS System when using mass production
  • Material using dfficiency is not good, but stable Uniformity can be secured.



  • Form even thickness thin film without substrate's rotation
  • Efficiency of materials improved by 3~4 times compared with rotary evaporation source using existing Point Source
  • thin film evenness is below 2%
  • Improve doping homogeneity and improve mask shadow phenomenon, Maximize material utilization during rotation evaporation
  • Application possibility up to 4G
    (730 × 920 mm)
  • Provide organic and inorganic evaporation sources
  • Using Nozzle Handling Tech at YAS, U/F & Utilization is possible through Flux control