YAS is the world's first manufacturer of large-scale OLED production facilities, and it has unique performance of OLED systems.

OLED MP System

The best OLED system based on
matchless core technology

Differentiating core technology

The world's first large-area OLED mass production equipment manufacturer
Unique performance OLED System with multiple element technology patents

  • With Chuck, the substrate can be transported quickly and safely without sagging, and fast align process is possible.
  • Fast tact time and high yield
  • Minimize gap between substrates to increase material efficiency

Securing mass productivity

Minimize mass production preparation time and production management maintenance time

  • The application of the first large OLED mass production line, Abundant mass production experience
  • Easy maintenance

TV In-Line System

The world's first evaporation system for OLED TV production.
Using YAS's proprietary Chuck, fast and stable substrate transfer is possible without sagging.
There is no restriction on substrate size.
Compact structure design.

Lighting In-Line System

The world's largest substrate size mass production equipment for OLED lighting.
Very fast tact time and compact structure design.
There is no restriction on substrate size.

Cluster System

Evaporation system for OLED mobile panel production.
Optimized evaporation source core technology for mass production.


Strengths of YAS large OLED evaporation system

  • Evaporator operation method (Chuck use)

    1. Prevent glass sagging compared to Tray type,
    2. mitigate shadow issue
  • Mass production applicability

    1. Applying Large-sized OLED mass production
    2. line for the first time in the world
  • Alignment precision

    1. Fast alignment
    2. using Gluon Chuck
  • Process speed

    1. Tact Time:
    2. Output 26K / month

Leading Mass Production Standard for
Large OLED Evaporation Systems