YAS wants to find innovative answers to new concepts by combining science and technology to fulfill its responsibilities with the pride of being the best in this field.

Company Summary

Creative Technology

Driving the Changes of Manufacturing System OLED Display, OLED Lighting & CIGS Solar Cell

YAS was established as the OLED process equipment manufacturer in Korea and is now developing and producing the best product of OLED product such as point and linear type of sources and crucible for OLED business field. These industries help create a wide range of products, such as OLED TVs, OLED lighting, solar cells and much more.

Based on YAS's core technology, YAS aspire to be Process Equipment Provider that works together with clients to come up with creative and innovative value.

YAS has realigned it's portfolio ,shifting away from components such as source and crucible for OLED to create portfolio to system business for OLED display, Lighting and CIGS type of solar business.

As part of new portfolio, YAS is now doing several government project such as larger-sized OLED display for TV's , OLED lighting and Roll to Roll type of CIGS solar cell with Korean government.

We, YAS, are confident that we can expand the OLED equipment business successfully and grow into process equipment provider by combining our numerous Strength.

In keeping with its commitment to technological product leadership and growth in each of its product lines, YAS continually introduces new products designed to provide long-term benefits for its customers, such as increased manufacturing yield, enhanced productivity, improved quality and reduced cost-of-ownership