YAS is the world's first manufacturer of large-scale OLED production facilities, and it has unique performance of OLED systems.

YAS Evaporation Source(Introduce)

Possession of evaporation source
technology to maximize efficiency of
use of organic materials

Thin film uniformity

Evaporation technology to form uniform and homogeneous organic thin film on large area substrate

  • YAS has the world's best technology
  • The only evaporation source that has been verified for large area OLED mass production by optimizing various criteria required for OLED thin film formation

Efficiency of substance use

Reduce expensive organic materials cost by high efficiency of material use

  • Improved efficiency of organic materials through design of YAS only evaporation source
  • Our 8th generation evaporation source is 70% of substance use efficiency.

Securing mass productivity

Minimize mass production preparation time and production management maintenance time

  • Among the evaporation system makers, the company has the largest volume production experience.

(Circular Nozzle Source)

2D static evaporation source optimized for production of high resolution OLED elements with minimal mask shadow effect while maintaining high material efficiency

(Linear Nozzle Source)

Since the distance between the substrate and the evaporation source is short, the deposition rate is high and the efficiency of the evaporation material is high.
Applied to evaporation system using Open Mask

(Compact Linear Nozzle Source)

It is a linear evaporation source with a nozzle structure, and a evaporation source for manufacturing a mobile OLED that minimizes heat transfer to the mask shadow and substrate while maintaining high material efficiency, which is an advantage of the conventional linear evaporation source.